Kenneth Brailsford was known as the “Father of Herbal Encapsulation” in the 1970s for his introduction of the first commercially available encapsulated herbs. He successfully founded and led Nature’s Sunshine through a transition into an international provider of herbal supplies and published materials. Kenneth Brailsford became known for his ability to build superior teams of business executives, nutritional researchers, and product formulators during his time spent as a prosperous entrepreneur. In 1997, he founded KEB Enterprises, LLP, which he still serves as General Partner. KEB Enterprises is a holding company for investments and companies such as Subway franchises and a variety of convenience stores.

After his herbal company, Enrich International, Inc., was acquired by Royal Numico N.V. in 2000, Kenneth Brailsford spent two years with his wife in volunteer service as a missionary serving in Atlanta, GA. After his service, he spent 2005 through 2008, as a three-year voluntary Mission President for the LDS Church at the Columbia Mission in South Carolina. From 2009 to the present day, Mr. Brailsford has served as a part-time volunteer, contributing his time as a temple worker for the LDS Church.

Throughout his work as a volunteer and missionary in America’s south, Kenneth Brailsford also founded and was a majority shareholder of Zija International. Zija International is a provider of liquid nutritional, weight management, and skin care products. From 2008 to 2010, he served as Zija’s president, chairman, and CEO, and from 2011 to the present day he has served as the company’s chairman of the board.